DK 80

It does not hold on the movements

Its sole is designed not to hold on the linoleum and also not to slip too much on slick or wood floors. A performance accompanied and approved by dance professionals.

DK 80

Planned for dancers

DK80 is made with Knit to provide perfect fit, greater mobility, movement freedom and favor the feet respiration. The support and stability of the sneaker structure is provided by a synthetic material.


Technology that conforms to the feet offering maximum comfort, following and favoring the movements.

Split Sole with flexible grooves

to provide more stability, facility and precision for movements.

Cushioned heel for shock absorption. Multi-directional traction to ensure additional support.

Contouring and perfect fit to the arch offering more security and elegance.

Lace-up for additional fit and greater security.

Colors match with you

Modern combination of colors and designs.

DK 80

Improving the most perfect fit!

The blend between the construction and raw material of DK80 already guarantee great fit to the feet, but to provide even more precision this sneaker offers sizes with half numbers. A detail that makes all the difference for the most perfect fit!

Automated assembly for an accurate fit!

DK 80

Knit and Synthetic Material Upper- this structure involves the feet providing mobility, firmness and security.

DK 80

DK80 is made in automated machines which provide accurate adjustment.

DK 80

Anti-slip sole designed to allow free movements on the linoleum, avoiding injuries.

DK 80

Comfort, resistance, lightness, safety and total freedom for execution of movements.

DK 80

An innovative use for Knit

Só Dança has chosen Knit to made DK 80 because it is a technological material that involves knitting techniques to permit the fabric expands in all directions and follows all kinds of movements without tighten, offering the ultimate freedom and comfort. Knit is extremely lightweight and its construction favors the feet breathing. It also can match colors and designs to provide style and modernity. Knit technology offers all the wanted advantages for who dances: perfect fit, total mobility and freedom with comfort and protection!

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